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  • Reed Lyles
    General Manager

  • Kim Gancayco
    Pre-Owned Manager
    (205) 979-8888

  • Jacob Byrd
    New Car Sales Manager
    (205) 979-8888

  • Jeff Wong
    Finance Manager
    (205) 979-8888

  • Richard Croy
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

    "I worked for United States Pipe and Foundry for 42 years. I started as an Engineer and progressed to Vice President of Manufacturing. I have had the pleasure of working with some outstanding people and have been very fortunate in selecting and promoting loyal and talented people. I have visited several local car dealerships recently while looking for a new automobile preferably a SUV. I visited Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Lexus, Volvo and Nissan to mention a few. I have met some very nice people at these dealerships. Many companies have hired and probably promoted young people to appeal to the Millennials.

    I want to congratulate you on having a mature Sales Consultant like Richard Croy whom I cannot find the words to describe his talent and our appreciation for his assistance in convincing us to purchase a new RDX SUV. This was not an easy task since my wife's last 3 cars have been Lexus 430s which have been outstanding. Richard is a courteous, considerate, honest workaholic who is a credit to your organization. He works diligently to please his customers while technically discussing the Acura cars and SUVs. Richard is the type of person I use to seek out and promote top tier positions because young and old can learn from his hard work and people skills what is required to be successful in business. Needless to say, we were impressed with this gentleman and will recommend him to others wanting to buy a car or SUV from a talented, honest, caring individual.

    If you hired this man congratulations and please personally thank him for us. We bought from your dealership primarily because of Richard Croy and his recommendations about your outstanding Service Department."

    - Robert Aycock

  • John Stanton
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

    2019 Council of Sales Excellence Gold Master
    2018 Council of Sales Excellence Gold Master
    2017 Council of Sales excellence Gold Master
    2016 Council of Sales Excellence Gold Master
    2016 Salesman of the Year
    2015 Salesman of the Year
    2015 Council of Sales Excellence Gold Master
    2014 Salesman of the Year
    2014 Council of Sales Excellence Gold Master
    2013 Salesman of the Year
    2013 Council of Sales Excellence Gold Level
    2012 Salesman of the Year
    2012 Council of Sales Excellence Silver Level
    2011 Salesman of the Year
    2011 Council of Sales Excellence Gold Level

    Hi, my name is John Stanton. With over 20 years of Automotive Sales experience, I am here for my customers not only at the point of sale, but long after the sales process ends. I take great pride in the fact that for many years my customers have continued to come back and refer their friends and family to me. I am proud to be here at King Acura, selling Acuras. So, if there is a vehicle you need, I will look forward to assisting you or your friends and family with their automotive needs.

    Hope to see you soon!

  • Jefferson Hunt
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

    2015 Council of Sales Excellence Silver Level
    2014 Council of Sales Excellence Silver Level
    2013 Council of Sales Excellence Silver Level

    "We were introduced to Reed Lyles, Richard Croy. The owner, Mr. King, introduced himself and spoke with us briefly. The facility was clean and quiet making it easy to communicate. Rachel Meinke was helpful in explaining the contracts; actually suggesting options we had not thought of. I mention Jefferson Hunt last because he was the first person we met and he set the pace. We found him to be warm and friendly with a pleasant sense of humor. I leaned so much from him about new technology and safety features in general and the Acura in particular. He has followed up to check on our satisfaction and to see if we had any questions. I am satisfied that I made a good choice and Jefferson played a key role in my decision to purchase an Acura. He is to be commended and I will recommend him to friends and family. Thank you for asking me to share my opinion of King Acura and Jefferson Hunt."

    Rose Perry 

    "Jefferson and Richard could not have been more helpful in getting this purchase handled quickly and efficiently. I would send anyone to King Acura for any purchase. The service department is also top notch and very professional. Mr. Franklin is a class individual that anyone would be privileged to meet."

    Frank Hollingsworth 

    "Jefferson Hunt was a great salesman. We enjoyed our car buying experience with him."
    Stanley Brock

    "Jefferson was patient knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Acura. He took the time to ensure our needs were met."
    Glenn Hooks

    "Jefferson was exceptional. He made our buying experience an unexpected pleasure." 

    Ernest Johnson

    "Jefferson Hunt was very knowledgeable professional friendly courteous and helpful. He answered all questions I had regarding my new car. I will be happy to tell my friends and acquaintances about my wonderful experience at King Acura."

    Bessie McMillan

    "To me Jefferson went out of his way to explain everything we needed to know was so patient answering questions. Friendly and kind at all times could not have been better."

    Sarah Smith

     "It was my 5th car purchase and by far the best experience I ever had. Jefferson Hunt should be commended on how professional and nice he was throughout the whole experience. Reed Lyles went above and beyond his duties to help me get into the car I wanted. I was so impressed with the experience that I will let all my friends know about whom they should contact when they are ready to purchase a car."

    Soni Kinjal

    " Jefferson Hunt was very professional, courteous, friendly, knowledgeable, and was very concerned about me being satisfied with my new care purchase. He provided excellent service again!"

    Bessie McMillan

    "Jefferson hunt was a great sales rep and was very informative and kind."

    Cynthia Cooper

  • Leonard Roy
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

    2019 Council of Sales Excellence Gold Master
    2018 Council of Sales Excellence Gold Master
    2017 Council of Sales Excellence Gold Master
    2016 Council of Sales Excellence Gold Level
    2015 Council of Sales Excellence Gold Level
    2014 Council of Sales Excellence Silver Level
    2013 Council of Sales Excellence Silver Level

    2012 Council of Sales Excellence Bronze Level

    "I could not have had a better experience with King Acura! Leonard Roy was the associate that I dealt with when I purchased my TLX a year ago. He still contacts me to see if he can be of any service! Wonderful experience!"

    - Jenni Mizzell

    "Leonard Roy was excellent in working with me!"

    - Joanie Aderholt

    "Leonard Roy was very knowledgeable and helpful with my purchase at King Acura. I had been looking at a possible purchase of an Acura but needed to know more about the vehicle. Leonard was great - he saw me when I first was looking on their lot and came out to help me. I can't imagine anyone better to have sold me the car. I understood it thoroughly before I left King and Leonard took all of the time necessary to insure I was satisfied totally."
    - James Ritchey

    "The staff at King Acura treated me beyond my expectations for a car dealership. From the friendly person answering the Phone and greeting customers to the excellent sales staff specifically Leonard Roy and Reed Lyles to the professionalism and efficiency with the final paperwork and lease details. Leonard was very quick to follow up with phone calls and really made me feel like an appreciated customer and not just another sales number. Since this was my first lease Leonard and Reed worked hard to ensure all my questions were answered and make this a wonderful and personalized car buying experience. Wonderful and personalized presentation of car at purchase. Great experience walking up to the clean car under a covered area with a certificate congratulating you on your purchase. Makes for a great customer experience!"
    - Andrea Bowens

    "Leonard Roy was a great person to deal with. He explained everything and encouraged us to call him anytime, or even come by if we needed anything. Thanks Leonard!"
    - David Mays

    "Leonard Roy was easy to work with, professional, and efficient!"
    - Virginia Edison

    "Great people really enjoyed working with Leonard Roy and the rest of the team I met. Great dealership but the people made it special"
    - David Anderson

    "I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with King Acura! Leonard Roy made my experience spectacular!! He walked with me through every minor detail and explained everything wonderfully! Everyone I encountered greeted me with a friendly smile and appreciated my business from the bottom of their hearts! I cannot thank King Acura enough for making my experience of buying my first car an unforgettable one!! I look forward to doing business with y'all in the years to come!" 
    - Laura Tidmore

  • Cole Nunnelley
    Sales Consultant
    (205) 979-8888

  • Carter Lyles
    Digital Account Manager