Great Service.. Finished When They Said It Would Be.. Also Cleaned The Car Inside And Out For Us.. Really Appreciate Service Like That!
Michael Hodge


King Acura has taken such AMAZING care of my wife and I over the last several years (she bought her first TSX from King Acura in May of 2003, so this is almost an 11-year relationship for her and going on 5 years for me) that I would love to write a letter detailing some of the amazing things you guys have done for us, and I would like the brags on multiple people to get visibility as high as possible in the dealership.
Are you the appropriate person?  Is it possible to get it in front of Mr. King himself?  The short way I'll say it is that "when I think it couldn't get any better, someone does something above and beyond that proves me wrong" (in the best possible way).  :)
My only regret is that we haven't been able to send more business your way.  My wife and are the type that drive cars for several years, and because we're just starting a family, we recently went with a Honda Odyssey, and our love for King Acura made that decision especially tough!
For now, just know that you have a lifelong loyal customer and referral source, and I would really appreciate your help in letting me pass along exactly why I feel that way and give recognition to the people who have been integral in developing that relationship along the way.
Chris Schrimsher

Dear Mr. King.
    It has been on my heart to write you and let you know about a very special employee you have at King Acura service department. To tell you a little bit about our history with Acura is necessary. I purchased my very first car upon graduating from auburn in 1986. I took out a loan and purchased and Acura integra- my first and most favorite sports car. I kept it 10 years and always had it serviced at Acura - even when it broke down in periodo key I rented a uhaul truck and flat bed and towed it all the way back to Birmingham as I would  not have trusted anyone else to work on my car! Trust is huge for me and once I have that trust I am a loyal customer. When I had a daughter 18 years ago we purchased a Honda mini van and once we were graduated from the mini van needs , I was able to purchase a brand new Acura MDX I think that was 2008- my husband also had a 2004 Acura MDX . All the while we have been establishing the most wonderful customer relationship with Brian Richards! He gave us his cell number all those years ago and has been "moving mountains for us ever since" ! Just recently - we purchased another car for our 18 year old daughter and Vince and Reed helped make this happen for us. The real story is she was wanting a Santa Fe sport and had that in her mind for months. She drives the old Acura 2004 and one day we went to the service department for oil change she got to witness the special relationship and kindness of Brian and she said I really think I want to buy a car from Brian because he treats you and Dad so good I want to have that with my new car! I told Brian I wanted him to sell me our new car as he was the single reason for this new car purchase and he said you know Mrs Marshall I can't do that but Vince is super and will treat you right. We went back and forth about how I really wanted him to receive some commission as it was because of our personal -exceptional treatment that we received from him every single time we call or come in. Brian is like family to us and so that is why I am writing to let you know.
Sometimes in life the most special ones never get noticed or recognized for going beyond what is expected and so I felt the Lord was telling me " let them know" as the Lord wants to bless Brian. My daughter was so excited about her early graduation and 18th birthday gift! She will start auburn in the fall and we will plan her service visits for when she comes to visit. On a different note : when we were buying Meme's car something came up about her going to JH ranch this summer and Reed told us you were also were a supporter of the ranch! Our family loves Jh ! My husband and son are going this summer and my daughter is going and planning to climb Mt Shasta!!! May you and King Acura continue to be blessed and sowing good seeds into your "team". Bless you big, Margaret


"I can't say enough about John Stanton. He made the whole process FUN! I felt no pressure and got a great deal. He had my rental car picked up and even retrieved my house key that I left on the key ring. I will definitely refer my family and friends to King Acura and John Stanton."

Cathy Barton


"We truly enjoyed our buying experience at King Acura and everyone was very easy to work with and friendly."

Luke McClain


"This is our second car to purchase from King Acura. Their cars are terrific but their service is superior to any other dealership!"

Bryan Pate 


"Excellent, friendly sales team. My wife commented that the staff were more like "real people" rather than salesmen that we have experienced in the past at other dealers."

Frank C Ellis JR PC 


"The total process was very efficient and helpful. John Stanton, Salesman, was excellent, as was the Finance Manager, Rachel. It was a great experience."

Deborah Walters 


"We are extremely pleased with every aspect of our purchase! The TLX is fantastic, and King Acura made car shopping a pleasure." 

Joseph Duke


"We were introduced to Reed Lyles, Richard Croy. The owner, Mr. King, introduced himself and spoke with us briefly. The facility was clean and quiet making it easy to communicate. Rachel Meinke was helpful in explaining the contracts; actually suggesting options we had not thought of. I mention Jefferson Hunt last because he was the first person we met and he set the pace. We found him to be warm and friendly with a pleasant sense of humor. I leaned so much from him about new technology and safety features in general and the Acura in particular. He has followed up to check on our satisfaction and to see if we had any questions. I am satisfied that I made a good choice and Jefferson played a key role in my decision to purchase an Acura. He is to be commended and I will recommend him to friends and family. Thank you for asking me to share my opinion of King Acura and Jefferson Hunt."

Rose Perry


I bought an Acura in 2010. Both then and now, the salesmen were excellent- informative, friendly but not too pushy. I appreciate that.

 Stephen Yoder


King Acura made the purchase experience very clear and simple. As long as the service, in the future, provided by the service department, is as good as the purchase experience, I will be a customer of theirs for years to come.

Stephen Blackwood


Their Service Is Impeccable And I Was Treated So Well. I Owned A Lexus Before This Acura And I Decided Not To Buy Another Lexus Because Of Their Service Department. I Love My Acura And Their Service Department!

Sally Rodgers


King Acura Service Department: They Are Always Prompt At Getting Back To Me. They Get Me In Quickly. They Are Friendly And Hospitable. They Haven't Sold Me On Something That Isn't Needed. I Am In And Out Quickly. They Are Efficient And Courteous

Melanie Collett



Just a quick note to say thanks and my appreciation for your staff taking care of me this past weekend.  My wife and I were in Birmingham for a quick get-a-way as we live in Atlanta and as soon as we arrived at the Birmingham Barons game on Friday night, our check engine light came on in our 2007 Acura MDX.  Not ideal when you had just driven for 2.5 hours and were looking forward to a weekend away with our 4 year old and a lot of time at the pool!  I googled and found your dealership and was at the service door at 8:10am on Saturday morning where I met Sonya.  She immediately took my car back and pulled the code to figure out what was wrong, had the part on hand and had me back on the road to my family by 10:30am (which also included a full wash/detail)!  Fortunately for my wallet, it wasn't a big repair, but when you are 2.5 hours away from home and those who normally service your car any repair is a big repair.

Thank you to you and your team who got me back on the road and allowed us to have a great get-a-way in Birmingham.  We had an excellent stay at Ross Bridge and enjoyed great meals in your city.

Thank you for taking care of us.

Kind regards,

Kyle Aldridge


"I was provided the information I wanted about the vehicle and more. There was no sales pressure, otherwise, I would have left. I liked corresponding via email. The sales personnel were courteous , knowledgeable and patient." 

Mary Whitson


Chris Brooks in service is THE reason we keep coming back! Our 3rd MDX in 4 years. Vince in Sales made it the easiest purchase yet!
Craig Hymowitz
Quality People, Quality Service!
Douglas Dean


Mr. Tim Bearden:


I would like to thank the team that assisted in my May 8, 2015 timing belt change and other requested service.


Chris Brooks:  Always the excellent service representative, anxious to help, knowledgeable and thorough.   Providing timely advice based on a very deep database of  past experience, to lead me down the correct decision path. Thank you!!


Ryan Thomas (Think he goes by Bill)  Doing the bulk of the work with excellent results.  (To a customer results are excellent if we don't have to bring it back and the repair works great.....that has been the normal for me at King Acura.)  And Ryan thank you for the detailed analysis of my plugs revealing the oil leak...Oil loss seems to have completely stopped since your repairs.  Thank you!! 


B. Carver who did the valves......right on!!! Engine runs smooth, a faint chorus in harmony from all the lifters.  Thank you!!


Sonja who dropped everything to go to Ryan and tell him the customer oil and filter  were in the trunk, while Chris was at lunch.  I had neglected to tell Chris.  Thank you Sonja!!!


And Aubrey who ALWAYS puts me in a VERY nice car until the work is done.  Thank you!!


Tim, this is a great team...... Thank you!!


Jim Hayward


King Acura Has Always Given Us The Best Of Care. After 6 Or 7 Mdx Vehicles In The Last 9 Years, When I Go In For Service, I Feel Like I Am Going To See Good Friends!
Joanne Peck
King Acura Serviced My First Acura For 10 Years. The Quality Of The Service Department Is The Reason I Bought My Second Acura From King. I Wouldn't Take My Acura Anywhere Else To Be Serviced. The Service Specialists At King Are The Best In The Industry.
Leigh Gwathney

Excellent And Timely Service, Completed Quickly. They Had Reserved A Loaner For Me But I Chose To Wait As It Would Be Fast. Everyone At Dealership Was Polite And Professional, The Best Dealership I Have Worked With In 60+ Years! Several Dealerships Ignore Women, They Don't Realize We Actually Purchase Cars On Our Own. King Acura Treated Me As A Customer!

Anne Smith
Hoover AL
Chris Brooks Was Helpful, Courteous, And Knowledgeable. We Trust Him To Help Us Decide What Is Needed Each Time We Come For Car Service.
Dan Pitts

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